what are Instagram limits or how much like follow comments and you can do on your Instagram account? I will solve all your queries today and help you if your account reaches a limit or Action Block

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The limit on accounts is not the same for every account it depends if your account is newly created or is old. So I have some advice to my friends who created a new account please don’t do many activities in the beginning.

What is the Instagram action block?

When an Instagram user like, follow and comment continuously with waits for a while then Instagram put a restriction on your actions. That means it will limit how much like follow you can do per day. so we will today help you to solve this problem.

In this blog, we provide you the information about Instagram likes follows comments if you follow these rules surely you will not get any Instagram action block.

Instagram-like Action Block?

You can do 300 – 500 likes per day 100 per hour please keep in mind that don’t go fast likes there should be an interval of 40 seconds between your likes. If you go fast it will surely create a problem with your account and result in an Instagram action block.

Instagram Follow Action Block?

You can most follow 10 people in an hour and 100 – 150 every day. In the beginning, if you follow more than 10 people it will not create any problem but after some time it will surely bring an Instagram action block.

don’t follow too fast wait 50 seconds of the time interval between every follow and the maximum number of people you can follow is 7500

Instagram unfollow Action Block

Might you need to unfollow many accounts on Instagram so what you will do is start unfollowing them but wait. for this is a serious mistake everyone does and you should have to stop it otherwise you will get an action block from Instagram.

You can make 60 unfollows per hour and 150 unfollow per day you can use certain apps to find the people that are not following you.

Combined action limit

You probably thinking about what is combined action limit it is a sum of all actions you performed in Instagram it may be followed unfollow like comment etc

Instagram also puts restrictions on combined actions so the number is 500 per day. If you do actions more than 500 per day you are at risk of Instagram action limit.Instagram comment Action Block

Comments are a very serious issue on Instagram many users are frustrated with this But don’t worry If you follow 150 – 200 per day at least make 3 minutes interval between comments

Things you need to avoid while making comments

Direct Message limit on Instagram?

Many Instagram users don’t know there is also a direct message limit on Instagram that is 50 – 70 per day.

  • Don’t send the same message
  • Don’t share any links which contains pornographic, hate or anything that does now follow Instagram community guidelines

If you don’t follow this Instagram limit surely their will be a Action Block on your account

Instagram Tagging limit?

Instagram also imposed tagging limit that is different on single and carousel post

Single Post – 20

Carousel Post – 35

Hashtag limit on Instagram?

You can add 30 hashtags per post. There is one more thing you need to follow about adding hashtags to your post.

If you add hashtags that have nothing to do with your content then Instagram can also put restrictions on adding hashtags so please follow the guidelines

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What If you do not follow these limits?

There is actually no data about Instagram limits these numbers are just an output of deep research and testing. So we see if the user does not follow these limits.

so surely they will face an Instagram action block

  • Account will get a Temporary Limit you will not able to follow, like, comment, and certain things on Instagram
  • The account would get deleted
  • Account get temporary banned
  • Your reach falls drastically

What if you get an Action Block on Instagram? How you can solve it?

The first and the most important thing you need to do is change your password. After that don’t do any activity do like to follow comments on anything just come to Instagram and scroll for some time.

wait for a few days at least 7 days this totally depends on how many times you get this restriction. If this is the first time then it’s ok no need to worry much. Your account comes to normal soon but your friend remembers this with every restriction your reach falls.

And if getting this limit 2nd or 3rd time then friend you are really in trouble You need to take care of your account or it may get banned soon.

Why did Instagram put these Action Block?

There are crores of bot accounts on Instagram and Instagram trying to remove those bots every day. what actually do bots do? It will simply use to get likes or followers on any account with automation.

So if you do a task like a bot Instagram simply stops you by putting certain restrictions on your account. so don’t be a bot 😁 If you want to buy Instagram Followers’ likes or anything visit SMM WIZARD

How to Remove Instagram Action Block

The main part of this blog is how we can remove the Instagram action block. If your account has an action block then follow these steps

Change Password

The most important thing you have to change your Instagram password by this any unusual login from your account gets removed

Uninstall, Then Install Instagram App

By this step, all your cookies that are saved in the app will remove and if your Action block is new you instantly get rid of it.

This is the best part of the solution surely do it if you get an Instagram action block recently or the first time.

Report a Problem

solved instagram action block

Reporting a problem is a way where you can express to the Instagram algorithm that you are not a bot

You are a Human being and this will help you to remove the Instagram Action block

Switch to Mobile Data 3G/4G

Maybe you are using your wifi. And Instagram knows your IP well so to start from new change your network for a few days.

Unauthorized Instagram Third-Party Apps

Strictly stay away from Unauthorized apps this is the main reason for getting an Instagram action block.

Delete Recent Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags trigger Instagram the most as they bring in a lot of impressions to your account and if you have a new account or are already in an action blocked, remove any recent Instagram hashtags will be beneficial for blocked removal or improvement your account engagement.


If you get an action kindly wait for a while soon your restriction will remove from the Instagram side but keep remember you are under the radar.

Kindly like, follow, and comment within a certain limit.

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