Are you facing 4xx or 5xx error on your website?

which kills your website ranking and you also facing many problems you know the biggest one?

According to google algorithm.

If your website have a 4xx or 5xx error. then google machine shows your website as a destination is not working.

And your result will not show any where in the web.

Hello, developer today I bring a solution for your website 4xx or 5xx error. let me tell you about my story of how did I face this error. I have a website call SMM WIZARD PRO,

where you get the cheapest Instagram followers to Facebook services, and much more.

But we all know that every e-commerce website needs customers which can only generate by advertisement. I tried google ads I create a campaign and apply for an ad

But you know what? They show me an error and disallow my ads. I talk with google ads support and

They tell me that my destination is now working.

So from here my journey of 4xx 5xx error started. I will share all the solutions I have tried to solve that. I hope my small ideas will solve your errors.

What is 4xx or 5xx Error?

First of all, we need to understand where this error is happening. let me tell you the most fun part about this error

You know this error will not generate any problem on your website. Your website is stunning as usual

No No, wait. that does now mean you don’t need any solution as this is an internal error so you will face internal problems.

As I said to you in the beginning google will not show your website in search results

That means you are working day and night and still your traffic is 0. what you think this is not a problem?

Yes, of course, this is the biggest problem we develop any website.

Just for traffic and if we don’t get that traffic, all our work is useless.

Where This Error Will Target?

Let start the solution for the 4xx 5xx error. This error can occur anywhere on your public.html folder

Sometimes this will target a javascript file any images in your file.

And many times due to missing files what is missing files? for example, my website when you load it on your web browser

It needs a logo to show at the top from the path allaboutwebworld/public_html/assets/images/logo.png. but actually, when you visit here you can’t see any file name as logo.png.

Now what? your web asking for a file from your directory but you don’t have that. and then you will see just logo.png in the place of logo and in internal you will see an error

Sometimes your javascript files expire or have an error. in that in this case you need to simply replace it let me explain you in detail with an example

Solution For 4xx or 5xx Error

Hey, but did you know how to find all these errors? I will tell you. how I find this error on my web Just you need to visit ahrefs this is an amazing website to find errors on your web

It will crawl the website and give you all the necessary details. You need the solution

To perform a web crawl on ahrefs you need to add a command in your robot.txt file

User-agent: AhrefsSiteAudit
Allow: /

And start your web crawl. This will take few minutes depending on your website pages and content. once the crawl finishes you can see the site audit something like the image given below.

Once the audit finishes. we can see the errors like in my case you can see 3xx error 2xx error and timeout error.

If your website has any 4xx or 5xx errors you can see that there. Now you have to click on all issues

As a mentioned image, you can see the errors. now check on the right side and the error and then

Click on that you will see an option (affected URL) just click on that

After clicking on the affected URL. you can see URLs which is creating a problem on your website simply click on that

Now the best part is you can see every required information that creating a problem.

If Problem in JS or CSS file

If there is any problem in your javascript file or CSS file it will show you a path like smmwizardshop/pubic_html/assets/any_java_script_file simple thing you can do is

Delete the javascript file and upload it again

Replace the javascript file just search the file on google I hope you find it

Many times java script links creating problems like /racaptcha.js.

so just try to delete that link and check did you solve that

Make sure the javascript file is not broken

You can follow the same steps for CSS files. and if you find any file that calls for any link as I explained before, you have to fix it by removing the link from the file.

Which I don’t think is good you have to follow the path upload the missing file

Name it as given in the directory. Let me explain to you by giving an example suppose.

I have a random file name XYZ and it’s calling a link smmwizard/public_html/assets/images/logo.png.

But when we move to public_html>>assets>>images>> we see that logo.png is missing.

So you need to upload the logo. and name it logo.png you can do this with javascript files and CSS files too.

I hope this post will help you can also hire us for any solution

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